Our Story

How Our Dream of Clementine’s Pastries Came to Be.

Bringing 30 years of culinary industry experience to the table, Melissa Lavender is ready to share her passion for pastries, baked goods, and coffee.

Melissa’s love of baking for others began as a child when she would watch her grandmother Clementine cooking and baking for her friends and family. These moments inspired her to attend Macomb Community College’s (MCC) Culinary Arts Program, obtain a bachelor’s from Wayne State University and eventually earn a master’s degree at Marygrove College.

While attending MCC, she was a part of the first all-women’s team to compete in the Culinary Olympics in Germany, where her team earned a silver medal. This opportunity was provided to Melissa by Chef Schneider and Kathy Grech. These two saw the potential in her that she never knew that she had. Melissa is forever grateful for the way they cared for her, treated her, and believed in her. She also trained and learned Old-World European techniques from Executive Pastry Chef Francois Faloppa. Her skills, attention to detail, and professionalism were reinforced through this time spent working with the magnificent French pastry chef.

Over the years, Melissa has taught culinary arts, designed and decorated custom cakes and cookies, and served as a pastry chef. Our hand-selected menu for Clementine’s Pastries is packed with unforgettable, made-from-scratch baked goods that we can’t wait to share with you!

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Our History

The Women Who Inspired Us to Start Our Journey.

Clementine’s Pastries is named after my grandma. Grandma was a sweet, simple, and loving woman. She took care of everyone with her love, her cooking, and especially her baking. As a child, Grandma Clem provided me with security, safety, respect, and love. Her house smelled so good. Her pastries warmed your soul, just like her hugs, her smile, and the care she provided.

My mom, Denise, throughout her life, developed into a free thinker, an entrepreneur, and a powerful woman. The passion and strength she demonstrated throughout her life has given me the courage to make Clementine’s Pastry a reality. Clementine’s Pastries is a reflection of these two ladies.